temp - (sinh(n*pi*W/L temp2= temp2 temp1 end...

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function Tfinal = temp(x,y,N) f T= zeros(length(0:.2:x),length(0:.2:y)); temp2= 0; temp1= 0; L= 2; W= 2; T1= 70; T2= 200; T for x1=0:0.2:x; ii = (x1/0.2)+1; for y1= 0:0.2:y; jj= (y1/0.2)+1; for n= 1:2:N; temp1= (2./n).*sin((n.*pi.*x1)/L).*((sinh((n.*pi.*y1)/2))/ .
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Unformatted text preview: .. (sinh((n.*pi.*W)/L))); temp2= temp2+temp1; end T(round(ii),round(jj))= temp2; end end e Tfinal= ((T2-T1).*T) + T1;...
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