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Untitled4 - y2d=-5:5 x3=-1:0.1:1 y3a=sqrt(1-x3.^2 y3b=-y3a...

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x1=-10:0.1:10'; y1a=sqrt(100-x1.^2); y1b=-y1a; x2a=-5:5'; x2b=-5:5'; x2c=5*ones(length(x2a),1); x2d=-5*ones(length(x2a),1); y2a=5*ones(length(x2a),1); y2b=-5*ones(length(x2a),1); y2c=-5:5';
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Unformatted text preview: y2d=-5:5'; x3=-1:0.1:1'; y3a=sqrt(1-x3.^2); y3b=-y3a; plot(x1,y1a,'--b',x1,y1b,'--b',x2a,y2a,'-b',x2b,y2b,. .. '-b',x2c,y2c,'-b',x2d,y2d,'-b',x3,y3a,'-b',x3,y3b,'-b')...
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