Geology Study guide - Chapter 1 1. Step 1 is the collection...

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Chapter 1 1. Step 1 is the collection of scientific facts through observation and measurement. Step 2 is the development of one or more working hypotheses or models to explain these facts. Step 3 is development of observations and experiments to test the hypotheses. Step 4 is the acceptance, modification, or rejection of the model based on extensive testing. They Hypothesis process (2) is subject to testing and analysis. Developing the experiments (3) is further testing the hypothesis. 2.Uniformatarianism is the principle stated by James Hutton, it states the physical chemical, and biological laws that operate today have also operated in the geologic past. “The present is the key to the past.” Geologists can better understand the past by studying the present. Weathering and Erosion is a process that has been going on since the beginning of time. So when geologist study it now, they can create theories and hypotheses about how it happened in the past, and how the earth was shaped into the way it is now. 3. The nebula hypothesis proposes that the bodies of our solar system evolved from an enormous rotating cloud called the solar nebula. The solar nebula consists of microscopic dust grains and the ejected matter of long dead stars. 5 billion years ago a supernova triggered the collapse of the particles in space. The nebula then stated spinning faster and faster and spreading it’s particles flat like a disk, these particles and planetismals came into close contact with each other and formed their own gravities eventually turning into planets. 4. Sometime during the earth’s stage of accretion a mars sized body impacted the earth resulting in the ejecta of debris into space, this sped up earths rotation and tilted the earth to 23 degrees. The earth wasn’t fully formed so it didn’t hit the earth as a hard surface,
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Geology Study guide - Chapter 1 1. Step 1 is the collection...

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