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Big Study Guide - Journalism History Study Guide Nota bene:...

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Journalism History Study Guide Nota bene: There are some omissions. Some names are not on the study guide. There are also some repeated names. There are also a few misspelled words. But, these are the majority of names and things that will be on the test. Media 1: Origins of Mass Communication Pictographic Ideographic Phonetic Sumerians Hieroglyphic Hieratic Demotic Phoenicians Chinese Writing and Printing Pe-Sheng Crete Parchment Acta Diurna Acta Senatus Julius Ceasar Augustus Volume Monte Cassino Scriptorium Johan Gutenberg William Caxton Martin Luther Fugger Gazeta Broadsides Corantos Oxford Gazette Henry Muddiman Daily Courant E. Mallett Henry VII and Henry VIII Star Chamber Queen Elizabeth Stationers Company John Milton Areopagitica John Locke Media 2: Printing in America Thomas Hariot Richard Hakluyt John Smith John Eliot John Winthrop Richard Mather Cotton Mather Increase Mather William and Mary Edmund Andros Lord Baltimore William Berkeley John Foxe Puritans Quakers Media 3: Colonial Press Benjamin Harris John Campbell James Franklin Benjamin Franklin John Checkley Dr. William Douglass Hell-Fire Club Silence DoGood Ann Franklin Anna Zenger Sarah and Mary Katherine Goddard Andrew Bradford William Bradford Ben Franklin George Whitefield Thomas Fleet Media 4: American Revolution John Locke Stamp Act Boston Tea Party Boston Massacre Patriots American Tories Samuel Loudon John Mein James Rivington Isaac Sears Sons of Liberty Patriot Press Edes and Gill Sam Adams Townshend Acts
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Big Study Guide - Journalism History Study Guide Nota bene:...

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