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Kelley Owens Art 1300 - Film Response September 8, 2008 The worst thing an artist can do is to cut up his own masterpiece, but that is what Rembrant was forced to do when his masterpiece was taken down from the newly built Town Hall in Amsterdam. Rembrant began his career in the 1630s in Amsterdam. He was soon quite rich and famous for painting portraits of rich men and women. He understood his rich clients and he also understood paint. He had an exceptional painting ability. In the movie titled "Simon Schama's Power of Art," he discusses the rise and fall of Rembrant. He begins by talking about how Amsterdam was flourishing during the 1630s. Money was made quickly People built lavish houses and had expensive portraits painted of themselves. Rembrant was just the man to paint these portraits. Rembrant's family were millers. He attended Latin school and university but he dropped out of university to become a painter. He loved oil paint. He met a woman named Saskia, whom he fell in love with. He always painted her with flowers because she was
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