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odysseus essay - Kelley Owens ENG 2306 - Odyssey Essay...

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Kelley Owens ENG 2306 - Odyssey Essay September 2008 In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus depicts the ideal Homeric hero because he has all the defining characteristics of an admirable hero and leader. Not only does he exhibit bravery, strength, and a sense for greatness, but also intelligence and wit greater than that of other men. His individual faults and errors in his misbehavior that bring about the troubles in the Odyssey epic portray a human being instead of a god, making his countless brave accomplishments even more worthy. The sharpness with which Odysseus led his men in the Trojan War is the same devious aptitude he uses to find his way back home after the war. It is also the same intelligence he uses to outwit monsters and other foes that block his path and threaten his men’s lives. In order to use his cunning and his strength, Odysseus must be willing to face danger with courage. He does not shrink away from his leadership role in times of great peril. As with many tragic heroes, Odysseus has faults that lead to disaster. Unlike tragic heroes, Odysseus is able to use his conniving to escape the ultimate price others have to pay for his mistakes. Throughout his voyage, he meets numerous abnormal creatures of Greek literature, driving him to make choices that seriously affect his life. Because of these run-ins, his exceptional courageous traits are unmistakably illustrated in many ways. A man of exceptional skill and heroism, Odysseus
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odysseus essay - Kelley Owens ENG 2306 - Odyssey Essay...

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