answers to eassys # 1 & 2

answers to eassys # 1 & 2 - What was the role of...

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What was the role of religion in the early press? (Chapter 2) Predominately Catholic Maryland was undergoing upheaval between Catholics and Protestants. Maryland Protestants had gotten word of the change in the English monarchy, and they accordingly felt justified in taking up arms against their Catholic governors. Protestants and Catholics had clashed in America for many decades. The concept that the press should spark and cultivate public debate was not unique to America, but the fact that European-Americans has some sort of access to the press for their entire history made printed public debate an acceptable thing. There were restrictions on the press but there was also a wide acceptance that debate about various issues was to be public via the mass media. If factions on either the Protestant or Catholic side found themselves restricted from printing an argumentative document on a nearby press, they would turn to the press of another colony or even of London. Episodes of printed debate were pivotal in the formation of American thought about the role of
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answers to eassys # 1 & 2 - What was the role of...

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