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Book review directions - reputation qualifications...

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Writing a Book Review Your book review will be a 2-3 page paper both describing and evaluating a book. The review should cover the author’s purpose in writing the book, the degree to which this purpose is realized and the utility of the book for a working journalist. As you read the text, think about: What is the author’s major theme in the book? Does the author use a formal or an informal writing style? Is the style appropriate for the intended audience? Are descriptions and explanations clear? Does the book leave you with major questions? 6. How accurate is the information in the book? Check outside sources if necessary. 7. What do you notice about the book’s format? Is the layout both attractive and effective?. Are there illustrations or graphics? Are they useful? Does the author succeed in conveying his or her main ideas to the audience? If there are particular examples, note them. Consult Additional Sources You must find further information about the author - his/her
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Unformatted text preview: reputation, qualifications, influences, etc. - any information that is relevant to the book being reviewed and that would help to establish the author's qualification. The paper itself should include the following : 1. Preliminary Information- the complete bibliographic citation for the work ie, title in full, author, place, publisher, date of publication, edition statement, pages, special features (maps, colour plates, etc.), price and ISBN. 2. Introduction- The introduction should state your main point for the review. 3. Development- Use description and evaluation to illustrate your main points. Use quotations where appropriate to illustrate the author’s writing style. Use page numbers to cite any quotations 4. Conclusion- The conclusion should include a final assessment of the book (do you or do you not recommend it). 5. Works consulted - Include a bibliography of the outside sources that you consulted, including web sites. This must be present....
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Book review directions - reputation qualifications...

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