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Potential books for book review (Other books are fine, too. They must have something to do with editing) Darrell Huff, How to Lie with Statistics Gerald Jones, How to Lie with Charts Mark Monmonier, How to Lie with Maps John Allen Paulos, A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper Gerald Gross: Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know about what Editors do Paul Larocque: The Concise Guide to Copy Editing Theodore M. Bernstein: The Careful Writer Janet Lange, Ellen Lange: Writing Clearly: An Editing Guide Jan V. White: Editing by Design Leslie T. Sharpe, Irene Gunther:
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Unformatted text preview: Editing Fact and Fiction : A Concise Guide to Book Editing Bill Kovach, Tom Rosensteil: T he Elements of Journalism : What Newspeople Should Know and The Public Should Expect Leonard, Jr. Downie, Robert G. Kaiser, The News About the News: American Journalism in Peril Albert Book, Fundamentals of Copy and Layout: Everything you need to now to prepare better ads Debra Hart May, Proofreading plain and simple Carl Riblet, The Solid Gold Copy Editor Judith Tarutz, Technical Editing John Morrish, Magazine Editing...
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