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Styleatoe - incision 6 She has alzheimer’s disease but...

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Your Name_____________________ Style Exercise 1, Focus on A-E in style book Correct the errors using standard editor’s marks 1. Sheik Rashad Bin Saalem told the newspaper al Bilad that he would travel to Qatar to see for himself. 2. There will be an in-depth piece on the brown outs on channel 6 tonight. 3. The state Senator Kip Averitt’s car stopped when his motor died on the way to a meeting at the Texas capital in Austin. 4. The child barrelled out into the street, waving her $1 and 35 cents at the driver. 5. I sent my doctor an email to see if I could remove the band aid from my
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Unformatted text preview: incision. 6. She has alzheimer’s disease, but her family is discrete about discussing it in public. 7. I feel bad that the attorney generals from the six states rejected my proposal. 8. My dutch oven cook book comes from Sweden, so all the temperatures are given in centigrade. 9. We installed a new cement driveway that our welsh terrier hates to walk on. 10. John Smith was the Ambassador to Sweden, where he died in a bar room brawl....
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