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Essay - bullet form

Essay - bullet form - Sam Adams Radical No British troops...

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Sam Adams – Radical No British troops in America Created 1 st news gathering and distributing (systematic) Newspaper = Journal of Occurences Purpose = build oppositon to troops and British Spread record of horrible acts British soldiers were commiting against colonists None of what Adams wrote was true But it turned many colonists against troops and crown Because of what Adams wrote, British withdrew troops Thomas Paine – Most important writer of colonial era Before AR, he published a pamphlet titled Common Sense Argued that men and women deserved/were obligated to demand much more Presented seperation from Britain as only viable option for colonies Described what American independence could mean for all humankind Common Sense didn’t single-handedly cause AR, but it did have a significant impact During AR, Paine began writing another pamphlet = The Crisis Lovejoy – Purpose = abolish slavery
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