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09 Spring ACD syllabus - 1 BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Department of...

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BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Department of Political Science American Constitutional Development Spring 2008 Course No.: POS 2302-03 Meeting Time : MWF 10:10-11:00 AM Professor: John Ferguson, J.D. Office: HSB 109.2 Phone: 254-710-3381 (office) E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: M-F 9:00-10:00; MW 11:00-12:30 Required Texts: James Curry, Richard Riley, and Richard Battistoni, Constitutional Government: The American Experience, 7 th ed., Kendall-Hunt, 2009. Constitutional Reader Readings posted to Blackboard (BB) Prerequisites: none COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the United States Constitution and its implications for civic life. ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Participation: (10 %) Attendance is required, and is therefore not rewarded. Showing up and having read the assigned reading is the baseline expectation and does not get you any credit. Participation in class discussion means active participation that contributes to the class and to your group. You must speak up in class. Whether this is by answering questions, making observations, or criticizing other students' comments does not matter. The second requirement is that what you say actually contributes – it must be pertinent and useful to your own understanding and that of your colleagues. This means what you say must not be redundant or obvious to all present. This also means that you are a valuable colleague during group activities. If you are a freeloader who lets others do all the work, your grade will suffer. Each group exercise will include a peer evaluation component. (30 %) Each group activity and individual homework will be evaluated on you effort and mastery of the material. Do your best at everything you turn in. 1
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Final Project: (10%) Exams: (50%) There will be two exams during the semester and one final exam. All exams are cumulative and will be weighted accordingly (12% for the first, 17% for the second, and 21% for the final.) MISCELLANEOUS CLASS POLICIES Blackboard: All course information for this class is available using the Blackboard software. This includes the course syllabus (in “Course Information”), Reading Quizzes, and all external assignments (in “Assignments”). You would be well-advised to check the “Announcements” section regularly. Also, all class correspondence will be sent to your Baylor e-mail via Blackboard. Annoyed Professor Rule:
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09 Spring ACD syllabus - 1 BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Department of...

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