SOC 1305 04 Syllabus

SOC 1305 04 Syllabus - SOC1305 04 - Introduction to...

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SOC1305 04 - Introduction to Sociology Tuesday/Thursday, 9:30-10:45 Draper 345 Leuschner 203H - Office 710-8619 - Phone [email protected] Office hours: 11:00-12:30 TR or by appointment Course Material: Diana Kendall. 2008. Sociology in Our Times , 7 th Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. ISBN: 9780495504276. Please make every effort to do the assigned reading before coming to class; you will: 1. Be somewhat familiar with the material, which allows you to recognize important material covered by the instructor 2. Be prepared to ask questions 3. Find the material to be less confusing Course Format and Policies: Objective: To help students learn how to use sociological information to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Class Meetings/ Attendance: I will make every reasonable effort to help you be successful in the course. Exams will cover information from your text and from the lectures. Each lecture will be open to questions, comments, and discussion. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate
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SOC 1305 04 Syllabus - SOC1305 04 - Introduction to...

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