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Unformatted text preview: MODELING AND SIMULATING THE WORK OF AUTOMATIZED COMPLEXES IN DISCRETE MANUFACTURING Dimcho Tchakarsky 1 , Tatyana Vakarelska 2 1 Technical University - Sofia, [email protected] 2 Technical University - Sofia, [email protected] Abstract – Modelling and simulating the work of automatized complexes allow to proceed with the investigation of conditions, close to real, revealing conflict places and having chance to take precantions as early as the stage of project. Owing to opportunities of contemporary computing techniques one can proceed with poly-phactors investigation including accidential processes and take optimal decision for the structure and function of automatized complex depending on cpecific manufacturing conditions. There is a consideration in the report for the development of simulating model and its program realization for investigation of flexible robotized complexes. The authors carried out the computing investigation in project and realization of automatized complexes and drew up the results in the report. Key words – modelling, simulating, automatized complexes, robotics technologic module (R ТМ ). 1. PREFACE The automated complexes are elaborate manufacturing systems, which does not require operator assistance for quite a long time. Large investments are needed for their construction. That’s the reason computerized model is developed before the actual work begin, which is then applied to examine the system throughout the building cycle to pinpoint the bottlenecks and contribute in choosing an effective implementation decision. Developing computerized methods and equipment establish optimum prerequisites for the development of automated systems design and research methods. Using simulating modelling is very suitable in complex automated systems [1]. It is a creative method for investigating the casual processes and factors in time allowing finding the ones influencing the work of the complex, by revealing the weaknesses. The results obtained are very close to the factual. A lot of different software packages exist which provide simulation of manufacturing systems [1, 2, 5, 6]. Three different types are easily distinguished: modelling packages, simulating and animating program languages, specialized. Modelling packages- Used in simulators with special purpose. After changing some parameter values the model is ready to start. They can’t depict most of the special cases. Simulating program languages – have flexibility similar to the ordinary programming languages. They are used, ARENA… Specialized packages – used when the modelling with a graphical user interface (GUI). The most widely spread are: GPSS, GASPP, Q-GERT, SAINT, SIMSCRIPT, SLAM packages and programming languages are not effective. They are built for a certain category of problem areas using high level algorithmic 2. PROBLEM FORMULATION The purpose of the work is to create a simulation model for investigation of the work of a robotized complex, including a certain number of robotized...
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