A6-4 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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MODELING OF INDUCTION CAGE MOTOR DYNAMICS USING MATLAB / SIMULINK Krstevski Toni 1 1 “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje, [email protected] Abstract – In this text is shown how with using Matlab/Simulink we can observe dynamic performance of induction cage motor. Also are given relations for transformations between frame systems and equation of induction motor with their block sets. Keywords – Bo and Bo-1 transformatons 1. INTRODUCTION Arbitrary frame reference theory from R.H. Park in 1928 year shows that with mathematical transformations is possible to eliminate time variable inductance from voltage equations at synchronous machines. R.H. Park formulated that as change of variable “connected” for fixed coils removed for 90 electrical degrees which rotate with same speed as rotor. With other words he transformed variables “connected” to stator to reference frame “connected” to rotor. This transformation is known as d-q transformation or B transformation, and mathematical model of motor is called model in d-q area or model in B area, because of using of this transformation. In 1965 group of science theory of R.H. Park has made useful for any machine, and any chosen reference frame. 2. MODEL OF THREE PHASE INDUCTION CAGE MOTOR 2.1. Voltage equations 2.1.1. Stator voltage equations [] as as as s bs bs bs s cs cs cs s d ir V dt d V dt d V dt λ ν =+ (2.1.) 2.1.2. Rotor voltage equations ar ar ar r br br br r cr cr cr r d V dt d V dt d V dt (2.2.) 2.2. Equations for flux leakage In matrix notation, flux leakage stator and rotor wound, in equations of inductance of wounds and currents, can be written as: abc abc abc abc ss sr ss abc abc abc abc rs rr rr i i λλ ⎡⎤ ⎤⎡ ⎢⎥ ⎥⎢ = ⎦⎣ ⎣⎦ (2.3.) + + + r ω r θ + + + as- oska as
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A6-4 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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