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MOBILE NETWORK ALARM MONITORING SYSTEM Voj č o Kraljevski 1 , Dragan Stankovski 1 , Igor Kolevski 1 , Aleksandar Arsovski 1 , Viktor Krstevski 1 , Aneta Bu č kovska 1 , Dragan Andonov 1 , Robert Mihajlovski 2 , Aleksandar Teovski 2 , Svetlana Petrovska 2 , Milko Ilijev 2 1 Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Skopje, Karpoš II bb, PO Box 574, 1000 Skopje, vkraljevski@mt.net.mk , drassko@mt.net.mk , igor.kolevski@gmail.com , aarsovski@mt.net.mk , viktor.krstevski@gmail.com , anbuc@etf.ukim.edu.mk , dan@etf.ukim.edu.mk 2 Mobimak AD, Orce Nikolov bb, 1000 Skopje, robert.mihajlovski@mobimak.com.mk , aleksandar.teovski@mobimak.com.mk , svetlana.petrovska@mobimak.com.mk , milko.ilijev@mobimak.com.mk Abstract – This paper presents the system for alarm monitoring in mobile operator core network BAMP (Base station Alarm Monitoring and Per- formance). The user interface component includes functionality that enables efficient real-time alarm presentation with operator expert subsystem. The major system components include: real time moni- toring of the mobile network status, fault identifi- cation, corrective action recommendation, alarm log. Keywords – real time alarm monitoring, mobile network, diagnostic and expert advisor, corrective action recommendation. 1. INTRODUCTION The Base Transceiver Station or BTS is the transmit- ter and receiver of radio signals. Typically, a BTS will have several different transceivers (TRXs) which allow it to serve several different frequencies or even several different cells. The Base Station Controller (BSC) provides the intel- ligence behind the BTSs. Typically a BSC has 10s or even 100s of BTSs under its control. The BSC han- dles allocation of radio channels, receives measure- ments from the mobile phones, controls handovers from BTS to BTS (except in the case of an inter-MSC handover in which case control is in part the respon- sibility of the Anchor MSC). The Mobile services Switching Centre or MSC is a sophisticated telephone exchange which provides circuit-switched calling, mobility management and GSM services to the mobile phones roaming within the area that it serves. This means voice, data and fax services, as well as SMS and call divert. The mobile network, as a system which primary components are the above ones, is subject to fast ex- pansion. As new technologies arrive, mobile opera- tors may need to use mixed equipment configura- tions.
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I1-6 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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