I2-2 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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WEB-BASED INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES USING .NET TECHNOLOGY Kosta Mitreski 1 , Elena Mitreska 2 , Maja Micevska 3 1 University “Sts Cyril and Methodius”, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Karpos II, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia, e-mail: komit@etf.ukim.edu.mk 2 “KOM SOFT”, Software Engineering Company, Mito Hadzivasilev Jasmin 18, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia, e-mail: emitreska@yahoo.com 3 “KOM SOFT”, Software Engineering Company, Mito Hadzivasilev Jasmin 18, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia, e-mail: mmicevska@hotmail.com Abstract – In this paper, we present how a Web- based application, using the existing Windows application for the Surgical Clinic which holds data for every issue related to their everyday activities, can be used for information presentation for the regular Internet users and also for serving the requests of the hospital employees, doctors, in particular, to obtain information about their patients’ condition regardless time or place. Various institutions have great benefit from the Internet. In this work we will concentrate on Medical institutions where there is a great need of up-to-date with the situation in the hospital in any time at any place. This is the main reason why we need to develop an additional information system, which will operate on the web, to an already existing windows-based information system, a one that will no longer reside in every computer, for the need of only that computer. This is why we are not talking any more about computer applications, now we are talking about web applications. Medicine is a good example where the Web-based application technology can be applied because of its need for just-in-time information in most of the cases. This paper shows how .NET Technology can be employed for the purpose of developing a web- based application for the Medical Institutions. In particular, the developing technique is exemplified from the Information System for City General Hospital “Sts Naum Ohridski” – Surgical Clinic in the city of Skopje, Macedonia, and has been created as an ASP.NET Web-based application. We chose .NET technology, because of its open possibilities for accessing the application from a number of places, using a number of different devices. Index terms – .NET, dynamic, network 1. INTRODUCTION Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology was introduced in 1996 as a new way of developing dynamic Web sites. Although, ASP technology is still a relatively new way to create dynamic Web sites, during its short life span, it has evolved to become one of the foremost dynamic Web site development products. However, no matter ASP is powerful and incredibly simple to use, it does have the following drawbacks: - ASP code can get complicated very quickly. ASP code tends to be unstructured and gets really messy. - To do anything in ASP you have to write code.
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I2-2 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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