I5-3 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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GPRS AND WAP – ACCESS TO THE LIBRARY IT SYSTEM Marjan Arsic 1 , Dalibor Ilievski 2 , Andrea Kulakov 3 , Vladimir Trajkovic 4 , Danco Davcev 5 1 Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Skopje, Karpos II, b.b. P.O.Box 574, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia, [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] Abstract - In this paper the adaptation of the Web– access to the Library Information System at Faculties of Electrical Engineering (FEI) and Mechanical Engineering (FMI) in Skopje will be presented. The adaptation enables usage of Mobile devices with GPRS Internet or WAP service within library system taking into account the need to make interface user-friendly. The GPRS-access is developed in PHP 5 and WML is used for WAP- access; the database is Oracle 9.2i while the web server is Apache integrated with Oracle. Key Words - GPRS Internet, Web-access, library, search, reservation, Mobile, WAP. 1. INTRODUCTION With current development of the technology, usage of mobile device [13] in the world is almost three times more than desktop PC. These small, but powerful Mobile devices among other possibilities enable GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) Internet [2][4] and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) communication. Therefore the need for developing Internet based software adapted for Mobile devices is obvious. It should be mentioned the fact that the cost of the recent mobile devices and the cost of WAP and GPRS Internet is high, so the usage of mobile phones as information resource and communication medium becomes rational consideration. The GPRS Web-based access to the Library Information system (IS) has standard functionality (e.g. Searching information about books, magazines, CD-s, presentation of images, audio, video files and electronic materials), whereas WAP based access only provides searching and presentation capabilities regarding the textual information and the process of books reservation. With the mobile web-access and WAP service for mobile devices, students avoid the jam in front of the entrance of the Library. The process of renting the books is more efficient and the access to data is faster than before. They can access library data from any place if they have WAP or GPRS service on their mobile phones. In this way, the functionality of the library is improved. As a result of this, the work is made easier for the employees in the Library; This mobile access to the Library IS offers new possibilities for employees and students in a so called wireless campus. Analysis of this web application and of the database [6] was done according to the UML standard [8]. Second section of this paper will discuss the needed
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I5-3 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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