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SINGLE WAY RESOLUTION METHOD OF SYMBOLIC TESTING THE BRANCHY SOFTWARE’S STRUCTURES Branko Markoski 1 , Dušan Malbaški 1 , Petar Hotomski 2 1 University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Institute of Computing and Control, Serbia and Montenegro, markoni@uns.ns.ac.yu 2 University of Novi Sad, Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin, Serbia and Montenegro Abstract – At symbolic execution of software, the value variables are shown as symbolic constant or terms. Base of this method are consist of inbound variables instead of concrete, that are given symbolic value and after which we simulate without computer or by applying adequate software special assignment determinate symbolic pattern for the outlet on the end which correlate with specification. In case of symbolic performance, symbols which are exponent of whole category of concrete inbound values instead of concrete inbounds. Keywords – testing, symbolic software performing, transforming part. 1. METHOD DESCRIPTION Method is based on transformation of Pascal – software through line of prologue clause that made axiom base for work of deductive resolution mechanism in BASELOG system. For this Pascal software with one pass through resolution procedure of the BASELOG system we can get all possible outlets from Pascal software in symbolic profile along with route that lead until all those outlets. Both parts transforming and resolution are completely auto and naturally superimpose one to another, so on the end of resolution part we can read line of route and symbolic outputs for input Pascal software. Automation covers branchy IF-THEN I IF-ELSE structure such as WHILE-DO and REPEAT-UNTIL periodic stricture, which can be mutually nested one in to another. There is possibility for work on lines and matrixes as well as sub software within Pascal software. Number of passing through periodic structures must be forth latched by the counter. During this testing process (input) Pascal software both parts participate, transforming and resolution according this: Transforming part : T1) ending with clause line, or T2) needs forcible end which depends of input Pascal software. Disability of generating the clause line in transformation part, indicate that Pascal software is not syntax correct, that there is some error syntax or logical-structural character (failure testing). In this case, whereas it is not generic axiom base, resolution part will not be activated, than it refers to fix the syntax of Pascal software. In case, when transforming part finish the work by
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I6-1 - Sedma Nacionalna Konferencija so Me|unarodno U~estvo...

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