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1 NOTES ON TAKING NOTES DURING FILMS It’s important to take notes while you’re watching films for this class. First, it will help you to remember key details when the film is over (character names, plot twists, camera angles). Just as important, it will keep you focused on the formal and cultural aspects of the film — in other words, taking notes will help to train you to watch more carefully, and to think critically about your observations. Don’t worry about taking “stupid” notes. There’s no way to know what will or won’t be significant until the film is over. The rule of thumb is, if it catches your attention, make a quick note of it. You can figure out what it all means afterward . You might make a note about a plot point, a line of dialogue, something that you see onscreen or hear on the soundtrack. They may be thoughts about this film’s relation to other films, or to concepts being discussed in the course. In other words, notes can (and at first should) be about
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