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FINAL PAPER PROJECT_1_ - I want the transformation that...

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“I want the transformation that technology allows, but I want it in such a way that I am basically unaware of its presence. I want it in a way that it becomes me.” –Don Ihde “We are all robots when uncritically involved with our technologies” –Marshall McLuhan “I’m always a little amazed when I run into people who feel that technology is somehow outside the individual- that one can either accept or reject. That’s true in a sense, but at this stage of the game, we ARE technology.” –William Gibson *** Select two or more texts –at least one of which must be from Unit III- from the lists below, and from each of these selected texts, choose a single passage/scene. Based on close readings of your chosen passages/scenes, construct an original argument that is inspired by the quotations posted above. Unit I Texts: Blade Runner 2001:Space Odyssey “Meditations on First Philosophy” Unit II Texts: My Fair Lady “The Puppet Theater” “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” Being There Pinocchio ‘Olympia’ from Tales of Hoffmann Unit III Texts: “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man”
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