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In response to the following prompt, please write a 3-4 page paper (1050-1400 words) to be submitted on Coursework by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 14th. You must also turn in a hard copy in lecture on Thursday, October 15th. Based on your careful reading of Descartes Meditations , and with very specific references to the text, construct an original argument which addresses the following: To be human, do we need both a mind and a body? Your response to the prompt should be an original argument based on your reading of the text. A successful paper will not merely summarize the reading, but will make an assertion about the meaning and implications of the text as they pertain to this central, and fundamental, question. Be sure to use evidence (quotations) from the text to support your assertions at every stage of your argument, and be specific in defining your terms, particularly those terms which are crucial to your argument (e.g., “human”). If the film Blade Runner has helped you understand Descartes, then you may allude to the film (e.g. use it
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Unformatted text preview: as an illustrative example, or draw upon its imagery, etc) but please remember that the central focus of your paper should be an argument based on your understanding of Descartes. Please use a 12-point font, double space the text, leave a one-inch margin on all sides and staple multiple pages. You should annotate your papers simply by indicating the page number of your citations in parenthesis; similarly, if you are referring to the film, you should use some kind of annotation (e.g. the time stamp, chapter or scene number). You must include a heading or title page (whichever you prefer) with your name, section number, and the name of your section instructor. This paper is worth 15% of your total grade. For information regarding the IHUM 57 course policy on late papers, please consult your syllabus. Details regarding the grading guidelines for IHUM papers can also be found in the course syllabus....
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