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REVIEW SESSION PRACTICE MIDTERM SOLUTIONS RockClimbingKarel public class RockClimbingKarel extends SuperKarel { public void run() { moveToWall(); turnLeft(); climbRock(); putBeeper(); } private void moveToWall(){ while (frontIsClear()){ move(); } } private void climbRock(){ climbToTop(); positionAtEdge(); } private void climbToTop(){ while (rightIsBlocked()){ if (frontIsClear()){ move(); } else { moveToNextEdge(); } } } private void moveToNextEdge(){ turnLeft(); move(); turnRight(); move(); } private void positionAtEdge(){ turnRight(); move(); } }
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RandomClickDrag public class RandomClickDrag extends GraphicsProgram{ private static final double MAX_LEN = 200; private static final double MIN_LEN = 100; private double lastX ; private double lastY ; private GObject currentRect ; private RandomGenerator rgen = new RandomGenerator(); public void run(){ addMouseListeners(); } public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e){ currentRect = getElementAt(e.getX(), e.getY()); if ( currentRect != null ){ ((GRect) currentRect ).setFillColor(
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ReviewSessionPracticeSolutions - REVIEW SESSION PRACTICE...

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