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2004_exam - BALAKRISHNAN F EB 19 2004 ECE 301 Midterm...

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B ALAKRISHNAN F EB 19, 2004 ECE 301 Midterm Examination #1 1. Enter your name, student ID number, e-mail address, and signature in the space provided on this page, NOW! 2. This exam has two parts. Part I consists of questions for which no justification is required. Enter the answers to Part I in the spaces provided. Partial credit will not be provided for problems from Part I. Part II consists of three problems. Unless otherwise instructed, justify your answers to these problems completely. Please note that answers provided without justification to those prob- lems requiring a full justification will be given zero credit. 3. This exam is worth 100 points. You have one hour to complete it. 4. There are 13 pages in the exam booklet. Use the back of each page for rough work, if necessary. 5. Please work as neatly as you can. 6. No calculators or crib-sheets are allowed. 7. You might want to read through all of the problems first, to get a feel for how long each one might take, but don’t worry—several of the questions are easier than they might appear when you just scan them. Good luck! IMPORTANT! Whenever a certain space is provided for the final answer, be sure to enter your answer there. Name: Student ID #: E-mail address: Signature: 1
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Questions for Part I Do not justify your answer. Partial credit is NOT available. 1. (10 points) A discrete-time signal x n is shown below. (The signal is zero over the time intervals not shown in the figure.) -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 -2 -1.5 -1 -0.5 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 Signal x[n] Six signals labeled “Signal A” through “Signal F” are shown on the next page. (The signal x n is also shown at the top for your convenience.) Match these signals with the following six signals, and enter your answers in the appropriate spaces in the following table. Each
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