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An Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography - Steven Dooley EN100 What Should...

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Steven Dooley EN100 2/18/2008 What Should Be Done About Unruly Parents at Sporting Events? An Annotated Bibliography Cook, Glenn. "Sports, parents, and violence: What can schools do?." American School Board Journal 192.6 (June 2005): 8-10. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. Kent Library. 8 February 2008. <https://library.semo.edu:2443/ ehost/>. This article summarizes reasons why the parents have become more unruly over the years. It says that the times have changed and people of our society have less tolerance and patience. It does not matter if its road rage or sports rage. Also some parents are attempting to relive or live through the accomplishments of their children. If something gets in the way of their child’s future, some parents feel they need to “remove” that obstacle, even if it is in a violent manner. One other reason why is because both parents are working, and that makes everyone feel guilty, so they overcompensate when they have the time to spend with their children in terms of protecting them. I believe this article is very credible. The American School Board Journal is an award-winning monthly education magazine published by the National School Boards Association. The author is also credible because he is the managing editor-in-chief of the magazine. Another reason the magazine is credible is because they get information from other people like Peter Sterns, the administrative officer at Virginia’s George Mason University, Alejandro Hogan, the district’s associate superintendent for human
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