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Lowering the drinking age essay

Lowering the drinking age essay - the service Therefore...

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Lowering the Drinking Age: Good or Bad? Would lowering the drinking age be better for society? Even though there will always be a problem with people who drink, I believe it would help society in general. Most people become legal drinkers while they are away in college with no supervision. If the state were to lower the legal age, with the assumption that young people would start out drinking under the supervision of their family and relatives, they might turn out to be more responsible drinkers in the fact that they would have been taught how to drink responsibly. If a person is considered adult enough at the age of 18 to go into the army, vote, and buy tobacco, then a person should be old enough to consume alcohol. Just as people in college, people who go into the military at the age of 18 become legal while they are in
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Unformatted text preview: the service. Therefore, they need to know how to drink and how not to when they are away. It is and always will be human nature to want to do something we are told not to. Most kids drink underage because they like the thrill of doing something they could get in trouble for if caught. There are some countries that don’t have a drinking age. That probably helps them to control the drinking of their children because the kids don’t feel the need to drink to get drunk. They grow up drinking so they drink pretty much because is part of their culture. In conclusion I believe that lowering the drinking or not having one at all would be better for society. People would be less likely to abuse alcohol because of the lack of a thrill of doing something wrong and therefore become more responsible drinkers....
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