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Steven Dooley 9/4/07 EN100 Mindsprint Prompt As I walk into the room, I hear the hum of the air conditioner letting me know the room will be cool and comfortable. I hobble over to my rickety old desk, the squeaks every time I move it, like a mouse cornered by a cat. The pitter-patter of feet entering the room is a sign that I’m not going to be alone in this room. At first, the white walls, ceiling, and floor make the room seem like a prison cell, but the laughter of people
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Unformatted text preview: entering the room overpowers the prison cell feeling. A candle with a crackling wick emits the aroma of a freshly baked apple pie right out of the oven. The low buzz of the computers inform me that there is work to be done, while the clicking of keys on the keyboard reminds me to quit daydreaming and do my homework....
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