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Point of Comparison essay

Point of Comparison essay - what seemed to be a good...

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Comparison Essay By Steven Dooley The short stories “Ambush,” written by Tim O’Brian, and “Why Soldiers Won’t Talk,” written by John Steinbeck, are strikingly similar stories. Despite some differences and being written by different authors the stories have the same theme. In both stories, the writers talk about war and the affect it has on soldiers. Both writers focus on soldiers not wanting or not being able to talk about their experiences in the war. In “Ambush” the narrator was asked by his daughter, who was nine years old, if he had ever killed anyone in the Vietnam War. The father lied to her and told her that he had never killed anyone. He lied to her because he did not think she was old enough to know the truth. Who could expect a nine year old to understand what it is like to kill a person? In “Why Soldiers Won’t Talk,” the writer tells about how he recently discovered
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Unformatted text preview: what seemed to be a good explanation about why ex-soldiers won’t talk about their war experiences. The answer he found was that the ex-soldiers simply “did not and do not remember the battle and the worse the battle was the less they remember.” The writer also talks about emotional and physical stressors that also play a role in what ex-soldiers remember about the battle they were in. There are many reasons why ex-soldiers may not want to talk. One reason might be that they don’t remember the battle. Maybe they don’t want to relive their painful or stressful experiences, or perhaps they don’t feel their audience is old enough to understand. Some people may not understand why soldiers don’t want to talk about their experiences, but I’m sure if they experienced what ex-soldiers did they wouldn’t want to talk about it either...
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