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project proposal essay - Some schools have done things to...

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Steven Dooley EN140 02-04-08 Project Proposal-Violence at Sporting Events What should be done about aggressive and violent parents at sporting events? Parents that get out of hand at sporting events affect not only their child, but they affect the parents around them and other people’s children. While many parents who yell and curse at players and officials may think of it as venting, they don’t realize that it is very damaging to their child. At every game I have played in there is always one out of control person. Once that person starts to yell then the people around them also feel the need to join in. My parents have always been quiet at games. They may have something to say, but they say it to the person beside them if they have to say it. They don’t yell it out so everyone can hear them. I feel sorry for the child whose parents are very loud and verbal at games. Even though they may not show it, but many young children may feel that they are losers during the game, and even in life because of the verbal abuse.
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Unformatted text preview: Some schools have done things to help stop the violence of parents at sporting events. Schools have made parents attend an ethics meeting. If they do not attend this meeting, their child will not be able to play that sport. Some parents are not as aggressive as others. Many parents only yell at others. There are few parents, however, who take aggressiveness to another level. One example of this is when one irate father body-slammed a referee because the referee threw his wife out of the game for yelling obscenities. The attacks are not just directed at referees, however. At a youth baseball game, a father jumped the fence and tackled a child because he though he was sliding into the base wrong to purposely hurt his child. The areas I will have to learn more about are what other schools are doing to help stop the violence. Also, how aggressive parents affect their children, other parents, and everyone else around them....
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project proposal essay - Some schools have done things to...

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