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Steven Dooley EN100 September 18, 2007 Remembering Essay Exercise 1 “Gotcha!” I say as I kill the last alien in the game I’m playing. “Go answer the door!” my sister yells as I hurry up the stairs, tripping over every other step in the process. Even though I know who is behind the door, I want to answer it quickly, because I know he has something I have wanted for a long time. I get to the door and swing it open quickly. In walks my dad with a white box with holes on the sides in his right hand, and a red “Petco” bag in the left. I take the box out of his hand, not caring about the bag. I gently set the box down and look in it to see what it holds.
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Unformatted text preview: “It’s a dog!” I scream to inform my sister to come and take a look. I get the dog out of the box and see that it is a yellow lab with a white tip on his tail. I hear my sister trampling up the stairs and I pick up the dog to show it to her. “Since you have a bigger room Steven, the dog can sleep with you,” says my dad. “Ok dad. Since he is sleeping in my room, I should get to name him.” I say while hugging the dog, “His name should be Slate.” “Then Slate it is,” says Sarah, “lets go set up his kennel.”...
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