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Research Paper dooley - Youth sports is an activity almost...

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Youth sports is an activity almost every child will be involved in at least once in their life, and the child’s experience in the activity may determine if the sport will be played later in their life. There are many reasons why parents involve their children in youth sports. One reason is to help them learn the skills of a sport so the child might succeed in it during high school and possibly college. Other reasons are to keep them in shape, to meet new people, and to learn teamwork. Perhaps the main reason parents have their children play in youth sports are so they stay active and have fun. Many parents and spectators, however, do not grasp the concept of “all fun and games.” They see sports as a competition, and their child or team has to win. If their team is not winning some parents feel the need to yell or worst case scenario, become violent and harm another person. The escalating problems with out of control parents at youth sporting events should cause organizations to take action and try to control them. Policies should be adopted by youth sporting organizations to help control violent parents at youth sporting events. Setting behavior limits for parents would make games more enjoyable for the players, officials, coaches, and spectators; the atmosphere of the games would be more about fun and less about winning. In today’s society winning is considered the only acceptable way to go. At an early age, many children see the games as fun and do not care who wins or loses. It is from the parents that the child learns to forget about fun and play for bragging rights. Over the years, the violence at sporting events has become much worse. There have been many incidents where spectators have become out of control at games and resorted to violence to get their way. In one incident, a mother was jailed because she tried to hire a
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Dooley 2 hit man to kill the mother of her daughter’s cheerleading rival. Other incidents include a woman charged with assault and battery for kicking and swearing at an 11-year-old boy who had been fighting with her son at the baseball field, and a father who punched a 14- year-old in the face because he had fought with his son over the ball at a soccer game.
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