Sexual education - Steven Dooley EN100 November 27, 2007...

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Steven Dooley EN100 November 27, 2007 Sex Education Sex education is the process of gaining information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, relationships, and intimacy. Sex education is also about developing young people’s skills so that they make choices, about their behavior, based on quality information and feel intelligent and confident about acting on these choices. It is widely accepted that young people have a right to sex education, partly because it is a means by which they are helped to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. While I do think that sex education should begin in the home, I feel that comprehensive sex education should be increased in schools around the country in an effort to help the teen pregnancy rate stay on the decline. There are two types of sexual education, comprehensive and abstinence only. Comprehensive sex education has a heavy emphasis on abstinence, but also provides medically accurate and age appropriate information about contraception. It is also appropriate, introducing information on relationships, assertiveness, decision-making, and helps to build skills to resist social and peer pressures, depending on the grade-level of the person. Abstinence-only sex education teaches young people to abstain from sex until marriage. They teach that abstaining from sex until marriage is the best way of ensuring that they avoid infection with HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended
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pregnancy. Most supporters of abstinence-based programs feel it is morally wrong for people
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Sexual education - Steven Dooley EN100 November 27, 2007...

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