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Stereotype Single Mothers

Stereotype Single Mothers - stray dog in the middle of the...

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Steven Dooley EN140 01/27/08 Stereotype: Single Mothers I feel that the article by Carolyn Edy, titled “Single Motherhood Is a Joy, Not a Disaster” is a very good example of ethos. When Edy stated the things that she heard on the TV and radio, that families with single mothers become poor, their children will have a hard life growing up, and often fall into drugs and dropout of school, I believe that many people don’t look at the successful single mothers. The media only looks at the unsuccessful single mothers and puts a stereotype on them. Edy’s answers to the questions she was asked are very good. When she was told that she needed to think of her child she replied “how could I be sure my child would be well cared for by someone else?” Putting a child up for adoption is like leaving a
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Unformatted text preview: stray dog in the middle of the forest. No one knows where the dog will end up or who will find it, it’s almost like the person that left it doesn’t really care. Edy’s actions toward her daughter’s father wanting to be back in her life were good. Many single mothers try to force their child’s fathers to be active in their life. This often makes things worse. Edy, letting the father choose whether or not he wants to be in the child’s life is the right thing to do. If he chooses “yes” then he will do whatever it takes to make the child happy. On the other hand, however, if he chooses “no” and you try and force him, then one will end up trying to force their child on the father....
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