The Bone Thief observation essay

The Bone Thief observation essay - Steven Dooley EN100...

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Steven Dooley EN100 10/05/07 The Bone Thief They say that dogs are man’s best friends, but I think that men are dog’s best friends just as much as dogs are man’s best friends. I have two dogs: Slate and Chloe. Slate is a 7 year old yellow lab with a white tip on his tail that looks like someone dipped it in paint. He weighs every bit of 100 pounds. My sister and I received Slate for Christmas from my dad, who bought him from the Humane Society. He was cute when he was little, but he was never as small as Chloe is now. Slate was a rambunctious dog when he was little, always jumping on people and running in circles around the furniture, but now he just sleeps all day. He spends most of his day lying by the front door looking out of it, and barking at anyone and everything that moves. When I first got him, by the tone of his bark I thought he would tear up anything that crossed his path, but not long after, I found out that he was afraid of everything, including little lightning bugs. Chloe is a 1 year old yellow and white Chihuahua and poodle mix that weighs only 5 pounds. When we bought Chloe, we asked the owner why one of her ears stuck straight up and the other hung down. She said that it was because she got one ear from her father, the Chihuahua, and one ear from her mother, the poodle. Having traits from both her mother and father, she is smart like a poodle, but also stubborn like a Chihuahua. Chloe spends most of her day following Slate around, like ducks follow their mother,
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The Bone Thief observation essay - Steven Dooley EN100...

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