Tobacco is a poison

Tobacco is a poison - pregnancy does cause babies to have...

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Steven Dooley EN140 01/27/08 Tobacco Is a Poison In the article “Tobacco’s Tiniest Victims”, Gretchen Letterman uses pathos very well. Letterman uses many connotative words to set a negative mood, like “neonatal intensive care”, “hospital”, “life threatening”, and “burdened” for example. Letterman also uses some words to set a positive mood, like “snugly”, “love”, “cuddly teddy bear”, and “sweet touches.” When Letterman tells the statistics about what happens to babies with mothers who smoked during pregnancy, it gets the point across that smoking during
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Unformatted text preview: pregnancy does cause babies to have health problems, or even die. Those statistics will help people to realize that smoking affects more than just the smoker. Letterman also appeals to emotion by saying statements like “premature baby”, “the translucent skin stretched tight over miniature ribs”, and “struggling to survive.” Those are very powerful statements. Letterman states that Florida lawmakers passed up an opportunity to ban smoking in restaurants because it would have taken “at least an hour and a half” to debate on....
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