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violence info - Pennsylvania(Basketball A parent...

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• Pennsylvania (Basketball) — A parent body-slammed a high school referee after he ordered the man’s wife out of the gym for allegedly yelling obscenities during a basketball game. The referee was treated at a hospital for a concussion and released after the Feb. 6 attack. Charged with simple assault, assault on a sports official and disorderly conduct is Peter J. Dukovich, 47, Hampton, Pa. (Contributing source: CNN.com, 2/10/04) • Illinois (Softball) – An irate father headbutted softball umpire Tim Smith in a confrontation following a girls softball game in Sunnyland. The mother had earlier been ejected for berating the umpire. The father faces a charge of battery. (July 2003) Tony Jurich, a professor of family studies and human services at Kansas State University, said it  is vital for your child's well being to control your emotions at their sporting events. "For you, it's venting, but for your kid it's damaging in so many ways," he said. "They may start to 
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