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Steven Dooley EN100 10-13-07 The Drinking Age In “What About the Drinking Age?” author Jeff Frantz discusses the topic of drinking in America, as opposed to drinking in other countries. Frantz begins by talking about what American’s do on their 21 st birthday. The usual 21 st birthday night starts off by blowing out candles on a birthday cake, then usually ends up vomiting in a toilet or trashcan. Most American’s don’t remember their 21 st birthday because they drink too much and have to have their friends tell them the stupid things—word choice they did or what happened during the night. In other countries, however, age 21 is just a number; and in most European countries, drinking is not as much of a problem. European children and teens grow up drinking with their families at social gatherings, and learn to drink in moderation, instead of binge drinking. Frantz concludes his article with an interview with Michal Jelinek, a graduate student from the Czech Republic. Jelinek claims the reason so many teens get drunk when they drink is because it is hard for them to get the alcohol, and when I agree with this entire article. There are two birthdays people look forward to. The 18 th birthday because now they can buy tobacco, vote, and are legally considered an adult. Then there’s the infamous 21 st birthday; the night everyone looks forward to, even though they know the next day won’t be much fun at all. If the drinking age was lowered, then people might actually remember their 21 st birthday because drinking wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Even though there would still be underage drinking, the children doing it
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would be more sensible about it. Why do you think this would happen? Why wouldn’t it be that big of a deal—I agree, but I want to know why you think this way. The drinking ages of the world vary from 0 to 21. The only countries with a
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what about the drinking age - Steven Dooley EN100 The...

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