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Informative Speech Outline (1)

Informative Speech Outline (1) - Steven Dooley REO...

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Steven Dooley REO Speedwagon I) Introduction A) Imagine rowdy crowd B) Suddenly dying as REO Speedwagon members exit stage C) Immediately come to life as the sound of a very loud siren fills their ears C) Fans begin to scream in excitement again D) REO Speedwagon LIVE!!!!! E) Have you ever felt the rush of such a great experience? F) I have, which inspired me to tell you about REO’s current members, famous songs and records, current rock status, and brief history of the band. Early Band Members II) Current Band Members A) Kevin Cronin (Speedwagon Biography 2007) 1. Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar 2. Principle songwriter 3. Example: Keep On Lovin’ You 4. He joined the group in 1972 in time for the band's second album, REO/TWO 5. A year later, he left to pursue a solo career. 6. Cronin returned to the fold in time for 1977's Live: You Get What You Play For, the band's first million-selling album. B) Neal Doughty (Speedwagon Biography 2007) 1. Keyboard/Founding Member 2. A versatile musician 3. Doughty plays the organ as well as piano and synthesizers.
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