PHIL 238 - Exam 1 - Antonio Alarcon 01/29/07 PHIL 238...

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Antonio Alarcon 01/29/07 PHIL 238 – Philosophy in Literature Einstein’s Dreams – Alan Lightman o Central Questions: What is the nature of time? How is time like space? o Three Dimensional View: Photographic still shots, instantaneous moments A B C D o denotes change (constant change) Time as Three Dimensions: Possibility but not actuality o Time simultaneously exists Time is not broken into sudden stops It is a constant flow o Time has three options It doesn’t make sense to confine time to the Past, Present, and Future o Four Dimensional View: Continuous temportal extension, persistance (ABCD…) Fluid sequence o No gaps in time o Causation Cause Effect Cause precedes effect in most cases If time is inverted is causation? o Yes! Effect Cause Counterfactuals Had C not occurred, E would not have occurred o Asymmetry of time Asymmetry of causation o Time Themes within Einstein’s Dreams Time as a circle Time as a flow of water Time as simultaneous events Mechanical/Body time Mountain time [Fast/Slow relative to distance from earth] Time as an absolute Cause and effect disjoined Time moves very slow The Apocalypse Time as separate and whole Time brings order Time stands still at the source Time moves faster away from the source No time only images
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Antonio Alarcon 01/29/07 PHIL 238 – Philosophy in Literature Instantaneous slices o Three dimensional universe o Time as seconds, space as distance World without memory Fitful time Time not constant Jumpy time, glimpses of the future Time slows with motion The faster one moves, the slower time moves o Inverse relation Time flows backward Death Birth o Life begins at death, moves to birth o What is time relative to? The past o Dependence on memories Deterministic universe Compressed/Slow time Definition of a day is questionable o Instantaneous lives How do these lives compare to our understanding of time? Does time for an organism with life measured in minutes live for years relative to themselves? Time is relative to the individual No time Time as a quality World with no future Time as a visible dimension Time as discontinuous The Great clock Time relative to location Time is determined Time repeats Time has no past Time as a nightingale The Paradoxes of Time Travel – David Lewis
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PHIL 238 - Exam 1 - Antonio Alarcon 01/29/07 PHIL 238...

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