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Unformatted text preview: Chemical Engineering 140 September 24, 2007 Midterm Examination #1 (210) 1. A dilute liquid species A reacts irreversibly and isothermally to species B in a steady continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) as shown in Figure 1a below. The volume of the reactor is V , inlet and outlet volumetric flow rates are equal and constant at Q, and the inlet concentration of A is C Ain . Unfortunately, the reactor is poorly designed with the inlet and outlet lines located too close together causing partial short circuiting of the inlet flow directly into the outlet line as shown in Figure 1a. Hence, the reactor is not well mixed. To account for the lack of well mixing we envision a conceptual flow line placed between the inlet and outlet flow lines in the model reactor of Figure 1b that carries a fraction of the inlet flow α directly to the outlet line and bypasses the reactor. Thus, the flow in the bypass line never enters the reactor at all. The remaining flow into the reactor is taken as perfectly well mixed. all....
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cheme140-fall07-mt1-Radke-soln - Chemical Engineering 140...

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