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James Huang February 9, 2010 6-9 Tue BME 2.204 Hall Locker: 295, Incubator Space: 301 Lab 1: Light Microscopy Lab Report Purpose The purpose of the lab is to use and familiarize ourselves with light microscopy and proper microscope usage. We also observed various kinds of cells through the microscope by applying stains and analyzed the behavior of the cells at various magnifications. In addition, we also learned proper wet mounting technique and oil immersion technique. Procedure Steps in the Lab manual were followed. Results See lab Manual. Discussion In the lab we learned about how to have proper microscope technique. We began by magnifying Bacillus Cereus. Initially I had trouble finding the molecule, but after a few attempts at using the oil immersion lens I discovered that you can shift the stage slightly by using the longitudinal stage knob to help shift the image back into focus, if it shifted slightly. We also observed the bacteria pre-stained, which
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Unformatted text preview: made it easier to observe. In subsequent portions we would take various samples of cells and observe them under a microscope. We would observe “zoomed” in images on objects at higher magnifications, while lower magnifications allowed for a greater width of field. We also observed that stains helped us view the organisms while unstained samples, such as pond water, were more difficult to observe, with less detail. The lab met the purpose by: allowing us to practice proper microscopy technique and generally how to navigate around a microscope, viewing different kinds of organisms at different levels of magnification (we could not see certain organisms at different levels of magnification), and we also learned proper techniques on staining and how to create a proper wet mount, one free of bubbles....
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