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Last Name: First Name: Circle which section you are enrolled in : 8:00 section 9:00 section CH 310M/318M Fall 2004 Dr. Brian M. Bocknack Midterm Exam #1 Thursday, September 23, 2004 7:00–10:00 p.m. Do not open this exam booklet until you are told to do so! This exam is closed book, meaning no books, notes, calculators, or molecular models are allowed. Exams written in pencil are not eligible for regrades. Answers written in pencil with ink overlay will not be graded. If you use a pen, only blue or black ink is acceptable. Be prepared to show your valid UT ID card to a proctor when you turn in your exam. Question Question 1 (35) 6 (30) 2 (30) 7 (16) 3 (20) 8 (30) 4 (50) 9 (15) 5 (24) 10 (50) Total: (300) Including this cover page, 2 blank pages (scratch paper), and the last page, which contains a periodic table and other information which may or may not be useful, this exam contains 20 pages. DO ALL QUESTIONS BEST OF LUCK!!!
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2 1. (Each part worth 5 points) Let’s warm up with some multiple choice questions. In each part below, circle the best choice. So your intent is clear, circle the entire choice, and not just the number corresponding to the choice. (a) What geometrical arrangement of electron groups always corresponds to sp 2 hybridization? (1) linear (2) trigonal planar (3) tetrahedral (4) trigonal pyramidal (b) The bonding connectivity present in the acetate anion, CH 3 CO 2 , is shown below, but the Lewis structure is far from complete. You’ll probably want to complete the Lewis structure before you answer this question. Each oxygen atom is labeled A or B as indicated. What is the charge on each oxygen atom of the acetate anion? ( 1 ) A: 0 B: 0 ( 2 ) A: –1 B: 0 ( 3 ) A: –½ B: –½ (4) A: 0 B: –1 (c) How would the amine drawn below be classified?
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exam1answers (1) - Last Name First Name Circle which...

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