Lecture 24 - /09/08 St Augustine&#2 ① Saint...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 24 12/09/08 St. Augustine  ( ①② ② Saint, 354-430, ˆ / p.842 • Dualism  ; body (negative association) vs. soul (positive association). • “I was glad to be in bondage  , tied with troublesome chains, with the result that I was flogged  with the red-hot iron rods of jealousy suspicion  , fear, anger, and contention  . ” “Yet physical things had no soul.” • The issue of controlling desire—“ I was captivated  by theatrical shows. They were full of representations of my own miseries and fuelled  my fire.” The above idea is particularly a respond to Aristotle’s  Þ ( µ “ ( Þ ( µ “ * , ) idea catharsis  . In Aristotle’ s point of view, he sees tragedy have the function of purging  one’s emotions of pity and fear. • Catharsis—purification  of one’s soul. • St. Augustine’s argument— the pain itself is pleasure—parody—ironic oxymoron  Þ ( µ “ “Nevertheless he wants to suffer the pain given by being a spectator of these sufferings, and the pain itself is his pleasure.” • Concept of freedom...
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Lecture 24 - /09/08 St Augustine&#2 ① Saint...

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