Lecture 21 - Lecture 21 11/20/08 Dostoevsky X 4 (Fedor...

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Lecture 21 11/20/08 Dostoevsky 4 (Fedor Mikhaylovitch, 1821-1881, ) His career is jeopardized o after he participated in Petrashevsky’s circle , a literary reading/discussion group. His later near-death experience (to be executed) brought up the problem of consciousness. From that moment on, the preoccupation of mortality and time becomes significant in his works. After the incident, his biography shows his progressive attitude turned into conservative nationalism. Before his 1847 exile he was interested in French social philosophy. He returned 10 years later a very different person. The conflict between rational vs. irrational is very important. He had insight o into human psychology and experience socializing with different classes of people because of his prison and exile years. The critic Belinsky made Dostoevsky’s name by championing his first short novel “Poor Folk”. In 1860s, during the age of reform, Notes from Underground pushed Dostoevsky to the heyday of his career. Rational Egoism o -- Chernyschevsky argues literature should have certain ideology o The Underground Man” Parody e —old material put into the new format (recontextualisation of old themes)— Notes from the Underground ’s quasi-heroism
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Lecture 21 - Lecture 21 11/20/08 Dostoevsky X 4 (Fedor...

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