Lecture 18 - /11/08 Jacques-Louis David(1748-1825...

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Lecture 18 11/11/08 Jacques-Louis “David” (1748-1825) “Coronation e of Napoleon I as Emperor of France” (1806-07) Contrapposto Roman motif Political propaganda Vertical and horizontal lines organize the space God-like gestures / Heroic visual motifs “Napoleon Crossing Mt. St. Bernard” (1800) Neoclassical h ) diagonal / line and semicircle / composition Napoleon occupies / the whole painting, almost no background Roman Imperial / theme: note the Latin name Bonaparte carved / on the rocks on lower left hand side
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Jean-Auguste-Dominique “Ingres” “Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne” (1806) Highly organized and detailed Neoclassical style in triangular and semicircle composition Heroic portrait / of Napoleon who was considered as the great defender / of the Republic “Apotheosis of Napoleon” (1853) Leftover of Neoclassical ideal and nostalgia / for Napoleon as the Emperor However, Neoclassicism was clearly over by this time when the painting was made
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Lecture 18 - /11/08 Jacques-Louis David(1748-1825...

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