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Lecture 11 10/14/2008 Picrochole war Epic wars are fought over territory, power, religion - emotional things Reason for Picrochole’s war: fouce (baked food, like a danish or a doughnut) - food fight. Epic qualities of Friar John Description of Picrochole is similar to the description of Achilles or Enneis (epic hero) Picrochole as a ruler No rational e explanation for his desire to fight. He is describes as a madman e from the beginning. Fighters are more like children fighting. Rationality of Grandgousier wins over Picrochole’s irrationality. From the beginning we are sure that G. will win and P. will lose, - much like in The Iliad. He kills his horse irrationally which begins his demise e
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Unformatted text preview: . Dismounting e is important because it’s a loss of power. • Picrochole loses everything in one day and is diminished e to a beggar e . A real king is very unlikely to end up like that. • Decrowning of the king – reminiscent e of a carnival e Epic, rhetoric e , carnival Mennipean satire i brings carnivalistic elements Rabelais is interested in breaking down things as much as possible Long complicated plot Dual e perspective, non-coincidence e , experimentality Undermining e authorities Heterogeneity e of styles – intermixture of high and low Last chapters: The Monastery i of Theleme Utopia o /dystopia Unexpected ending...
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