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Lecture 8 09/25/08 Odyssey e is a wanderer e and a loner, his warrior code is different Culture of Hospitality u . u Book 6 Arrival to Phaeacia. “Now, by my life, mankind again! But who? Savages e , are they, strangers to courtesy e e ? Or gentle fold e , who know and fear the gods?” p.121 Nausikaa: “But now that you have taken refuge e here you shall not lack for clothing, or any other comfort due to a poor man in distress.” P. 123 Odysseus’s identity remains hidden; he doesn’t reveal e himself - (disguise e , masks e ) Idyllic , ? setting Odysseus depends on other people’s hospitality Gift giving – the act of giving is important, not the gift itself (the episode with exchanging a big gift that would sink his boat). The amount of the gifts the Phoenicians , ? gave him surpasses e the amount of goods he got in Troy. Divide between the gods and the mortals – the culture of hospitality is irrelevant e for gods. Irrationality e
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