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Lecture 4 - Lecture 4 Styles high(epic tragedy dithyramb e...

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Lecture 4 09/11/08 Styles: high (epic, tragedy, dithyramb e ), middle, low (satire e , parody c . ) Didacticism e (purpose: to instruct the audience) Orality c – primary, literacy - secondary Homeric Epic tradition o Dactylic c hexameter U p U U 6 r F m 4 o Narrative structure (Cosmology: I – gods, II – heroes, III – mortals). Focus on heroes. o The plight e of the hero has to be rectified e o Heroic code (Achilles violates e it from time to time which makes him a complex character) o Omniscience e : the narrator knows and tells us everything from the beginning (the emphasis is on the “how”, not on the “what”) o 6 Trojan e Epics covered The Trojan Wars in their entirety (which Homer didn’t). There was also a Thebes ] U p U U m 6 r F m 4 c . e 336 l W r F cycle which has been lost but record of them was found in the ancient Alexandria library. o Mythic e epics and historical epics – synthesis e of both in Homeric epics Achilles o Peleus’ son. His mother is Thetis (divine). Peleus is mortal. Thetis was a favorite of Zeus which gave
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