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ELEN7001 Integrated Digital Communications Instructions (a) This examination is divided into two Parts and periods: i. Part 1 is Closed Book. No information may be brought into the examination for this period. The maximum time for Part 1 is one hour. The answer sheet for Part 1 must be handed in no later than one hour after the start of the examination. The student may then proceed directly to Part 2. ii. Part 2 is Open Book. A student must commence Part 2 not later than 65 minutes after the start of the examination. The text Integrated Digital Communications must be brought to the examination. No other reference material may be used. In Part 2 the logic behind the answer to each question must be explained. (b) All questions may be attempted. The total available marks for Parts I and 2 are 128. FULL MARKS = 115 (c) This examination tests the following outcomes: i. Display literacy in the basic concepts and principles of telecommunications. ii. Use standard abstractions, tools and techniques. iii. Apply the fundamental concepts and principles to solve problems in telecommunications. iv. Apply a selection of standards described in the course text to the solution of problems.
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Part I Answer the short questions in the answer book provided. Hand in the answer book to the Invigilator before proceeding to Part 2. [Total Marks 45] Part 2 Answer the following questions in the answer book provided. All references to figures not contained in the paper refer to figures in the class text Integrated Digital Communications . [Total Marks 83] Part 1 Please Note: Part 1 MUST be answered in a separate answer book from Part 2. The answer book containing your answers from Part 1 MUST be handed to the Invigilator prior to the start of Part 2 of the examination. KEEP YOUR ANSWERS BRIEF! 1)
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ELEN7001_Exam_2008 - ELEN7001 Integrated Digital...

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