Unit Three - Unit Three: The Blues II I. The Urban Blues A....

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Unit Three: The Blues II I. The Urban Blues A. Country Blues – First blues sung in America – products of the 19 th century, the south, and plantation life. B. Urban Blues – conveyed the black experience in the cities C. Music in the North (esp. blues and jazz) was influenced by almost everything – from country, opera, and pop, to “neighborhood” ethnic music. Music was also taught in Northern schools (important in training blacks formally for the first time). D. Urban blues – harder, faster, more sophisticated. E. The South Before The Great Migration F. Sharecropping replaced slavery, but there was little difference. G. Jim Crow Laws eliminated the black political voice. H. Ku Klux Klan – direct and indirect participation w/ in the local gov. – threats and lynching – secret political force. I. WWI brought about the mass exodus of blacks to the North. J. The Great Migration K. Leading up to WWI there was a shortage of factory workers when America needed some of the most industrial output. L. African Americans came North to take advantage of these jobs and leave the plantation life for good. M. Two waves of the First migration: 1) during WWI, 2) after the Miss. flood. N. Second migration was before and during WWII. O. Movement North (more than half the black southern population) changed black culture from a rural one, to one of the city. P. Life In The North Q. The idea of the North was more than the actual reality of the cities. R. Hope – change was possible S. Segregation and discrimination were present just as in the South – low paying jobs, shabby healthcare and housing – racial violence was also alive. T. The cities opened up blacks to a world beyond the plantation. Their life was now urban, and beyond the confines of a specific area. U. Black communities were established in the north with their own shops, restaurants, clubs, etc. V. Politically, blacks began to have a voice. W. Economically, blacks now created a new market for companies to target. X. Music was the most intriguing part of northern black life. All of the black music came together to make “African American Music.”
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Y. Bright Lights, Big City Z. In the beginning, blues music in the North came from the “down home” South. AA.
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Unit Three - Unit Three: The Blues II I. The Urban Blues A....

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